Collection of Fine art pieces created since late 2013, my style involves attention to small detail with sharp linework. I use solid blackwork and finer lines to bring about contrast and depth throughout my work. I have a tattooing background with connection to street art, these styles find their way into my work throughout. My style is geometrical, most of my pieces involving interweaving circles and segmented shapes throughout.

- Art by Beast - Negative Segmented Circle
Negative Segmented Circle
- Art by Beast - Psychosis
- Art by Beast - Segmented Storm
Segmented Storm
- Art by Beast - Brush Strokes
Brush Strokes
- Art by Beast - Negative Space
Negative Space
- Art by Beast - Butterfly
- Art by Beast - Negative Collumn
Negative Collumn
- Art by Beast - Fusion Sugar Skull
Fusion Sugar Skull
- Art by Beast - Segmented Fire Circle
Segmented Fire Circle
- Art by Beast - Negative Space Raven
Negative Space Raven
- Art by Beast - Inner Cherokee Circle
Inner Cherokee Circle
- Art by Beast - Outer Cherokee Circle
Outer Cherokee Circle
- Art by Beast - Traditional Sugar Skull
Traditional Sugar Skull
- Art by Beast - Monochrome Bear
Monochrome Bear
- Art by Beast - Wall Space
Wall Space
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